Living Room Floor

So after lifting the laminate floor from the room, we knew that we wanted a wooden floor and the idea was to sand down the floorboards and varnish. Once we had a look at the boards I could see straight away a lot of paint stains, splits and the fireplace hearth. Bit of research into how much boards would cost and what boards to use, this lead me to Scandinavian Larch.

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Homemade DIY Under £5 Light Box

A £5 Light Box for Foodies, Ebayers or Crafters

So this one is a project of necessity. So I took a few pictures of the King Tiger but I just wasn’t impressed with the result. Partly down to the camera on my phone and party down to the surroundings. So the way to go is a light box. I don’t have the money to buy one and I don’t have the time for a serious build so here is a cheap, cheap! Lightbox to get these pictures done. Continue reading “Homemade DIY Under £5 Light Box”

Refurbishing The Loft Room

The Neverending loft refurb. after nearly 8 months and several near nervous breakdowns, the loft is just about complete.

A couple of things still need doing; skirting fitted once the carpet has settled, staircase painted, a new door attached to the storage cupboard and a couple of pieces of trim and filling.

But as Sam is about to start moving things into the room this will be the last chance to get some photos while the room is still empty.

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