Iceland Mixed Grill

Iceland Mixed Grill

So I got dragged around Dunelm on the weekend. Mostly my girlfriends’ fault, I had given her many opportunities to buy a new pair of curtains for the living room but she wanted “My Opinion”. So I gave it to her, this left us in some sort of stalemate and one hour in the fabric section. As you can imagine after this debacle I was looking for anything to clear my head The next shop we came across was an Iceland Warehouse. Now I haven’t been to an Iceland in years but Peter Andre can’t be wrong!

Iceland Mixed Grill
Sausage, Lamb, Beef, and Pork

I have, to be honest, The place has changed a lot since my last visit, they seemed to have upped their game, the selection of street food looks great but what caught my eye was this little beauty. A frozen mixed grill for £3, containing a beef steak, lamb cutlet, pork loin steak and a couple of sausages.

Worth a punt for sure, also picked up some mini cheese potato bakes. Left the meat pack in the fridge overnight to thaw. And put together the plate you see before you. Charred the sausages in the griddle pan and then put them in the oven with a couple of the potato bakes. Meanwhile, I threw the rest of the meat on the griddle and sauteed off some cabbage. So once the meat was ready I left it to rest, deglaze the griddle pan with some red wine and threw in some mushrooms to soak up all the meat juices. Put it all together on the plate and got a smashing little Sunday night meal for under a fiver. The sausages were gorgeous and with a little bit of seasoning the meat came up fine. So now here is hoping that these beauties are still available for next years BBQ season. As for bring and Brai this is the perfect little package of meat. Those mini Dauphinoise were pretty delicious too and would be great for a date night with some lamb shanks and green veggies!

Cooked Mixed Grill With Asparagus & Mushrooms
Delicious Iceland Mixed Grill cooked In griddle pan served with Asparagus and Mushrooms

And here is the resulting and very tasty dinner!



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