Wedding Dead Ahead

Chilham A Pretty Village In Kent

Even though the wedding is not going to be until 2021 the planning has begun in Ernest. Most of the planning involves Sam telling me what is going to happen. To be honest at this stage I just happy she is going to invite me.

Been to my first Wedding fair the other day. I was hungover as Hell and not looking forward to it. However, upon walking through the entrance I was greeted by a wall of doughnuts. After several sugary treats, I was ready to deal with these shilling assholes. It would appear that the wedding business is quite simple. Thinking up a price and then treble it!? So I bullshited with all the vendors and picked up a few ideas that we can incorporate at a much lower cost. Afterwards It was off to a little vegan pub for a quick bit of lunch.

Grey Jaguar Mk 2 Saloon Wedding Car
Jaguar Mk 2 Saloon Gorgeous Old Wedding Car At The Wedding Fair. The Same Car That Morse Used To Drive.
A Wall Covered With Doughnuts.
Possible One Of The Greatest Things I Have Ever Seen. A Wall Covered In Doughnuts.
Love Sign Made Of Wood With Light Bulbs.
Beautiful Love Sign For A Wedding Venue With Light Bulbs.
Vegan Mac And Cheese With Onion Rings From The Monument Pub In Canterbury
Delicious Non Dairy Mac And Cheese With A Side Of Crispy And Juicy Onion Rings.

I have also put in place the first steps to starting a youtube channel. It’s something I have wanted to do for a couple of years but couldn’t decide on a subject matter to focus on. Now that the scale model making is front and centre it seems like a great place to start. So I have given the spare room/man cave a lick of paint, added some new shelves and set up a little studio. So let the filming commence.

Paints Stacked On The Shelves Ready For Scale Model Making
The Painting End Of The Hobby Bench
New Shelves In The Man Cave For Toys And Photos
All My Toys Up On The New Shelves In The Mancave
Hobby Bench Custom Model Making Area
Model Making Area In The Man Cave With Nice Big A1 Cutting Mat

I also picked up a few models including a VW beetle for a few videos I want to make, I ordered some new paint and weathering products, some new tools, as well as colour matched paint and decals to make Herbie. so, all in all, quite a successful month.

Colour Matched Paint And Decals For A Volkwagon Beetle "Herbie" Scale Model
The Guys @hiroboy hooked me up with some sweet herbie decals and colour matched (Zero Paints) Paint
Sanding Polishing Blocks For Scale Model Making
A Model Specific Tool From China… Sneaky Bastards
Polishing Blocks Will Still Get The Job Done
Guess They Have A Different Idea Of Model Me Thinks.. Maybe Runway Model Not Scale Model LMAO

Box Of Milk Tray For Valentines Day
A Special Gift For The One That I Love on Valentines Day

Last trips of the month was a quick visit down to London to have lunch and a catch up with friends. Luckily we had some lovely unseasonal weather and the beer garden down in Tulse Hill was packed.

Beer Garden Pack in the hot spell in February
Beer Garden In Tulse Hill In February Are You Having A Giraffe

One cool find on the way home from the pub, My girlfriend saw this cool canvas of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbuster 2. It is currently sitting in the living room but I think it will look cool on the back of the bathroom, and freak out some visitors!

Vigo From Ghostbuster 2 we found this canvas print on the side of the road on the way home from dinner
A canvas of Vigo The Carpathian from ghostbusters 2

Straight back to Kent the next day to look at a wedding venue, then off for a little drive and a trip to Canterbury for a delicious roast dinner at the Thomas Becket. I can’t get over just how good this meal was and just how much lamb was on the plate. If you are ever in the area well worth a stop.

Potential Wedding Venue In Kent Chilham Village Hall
Gorgeous Tudor Style Hall In Chilham Kent
A Summer Day Visiting The Village Of Chilham In Kent
The Highlight Of Chilham Kent
Really Cool Retro Gaming Shop
N64 Snes Gameboy and some older boxed games
Day trip To Canterbury To See Some Cool Stuff
Cool Slanted House Bookshop In Canterbury
Sunday Pub Roast Lunch At The Thomas Becket Pub In Canterbury
Delicious Roast Lamb From The Thomas Becket Pub In Canterbury

Finally a little bit of DIY. The sealant on the shower had started to get a bit of mould on it over the winter and the grout was looking filthy so I picked up some grout cleaner and a new tube of Sealant for screw fix and a couple of hours graft it looks so much better.

Grout cleaning and replacing sealant in the shower cubicle
Cleaning The grout in the shower and replacing the sealant.

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