Italeri 135th Cargo Truck GMC 6X6 Step By Step Full Build

Cargo vehicles are another subject that fascinates me during a war. Logistic in the warzone in general I guess. An army can only advance as fast as it resupplies. I actually know a guy who drives for the army and it is a serious undertaking. I also love flatbed trucks. No idea why! Just do! So for this military models project, I’m building the GMC 6×6 Cargo truck

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April 2019 – Blowing Up eBay And Being Fat

So this month I have been as sick as a dog. Battling a cold for all of. I picked up this cold and it was killing me at work. I knew I just had to get to the end of the week and I had a weeks leave. So got to my week off and I was dead. Normally if I get a cold it lasts maybe 24 hours, this thing was going on for 2+ weeks and my throat was killing me, like seriously I was dropping ibuprofen and paracetamol to the max dosage and was still fucked up.

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Living Room Floor

So after lifting the laminate floor from the room, we knew that we wanted a wooden floor and the idea was to sand down the floorboards and varnish. Once we had a look at the boards I could see straight away a lot of paint stains, splits and the fireplace hearth. Bit of research into how much boards would cost and what boards to use, this lead me to Scandinavian Larch.

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