My New Italian Knife

New Knife

So I keep meaning to start blogging but never get around to it. Had the domain name and word press installed for ages. So this seems a good a place and time as any. And start off with a random one.

Got myself a new knife. Quite pleased with myself. It is a Sanelli Premana Professional Line, 26cm Pastry Knife. Now the reason behind this purchase. I’m a man who likes the easy route in life. (You will find that out if you follow this blog.) I noticed all the other chefs coming in and out of the kitchen using a Victorinox Pastry Knife with the plastic black handle, except for Sous who has the Victorinox Rosewood Handle Pastry Knife (what happens when you earn the big bucks!!!). So got me to thinking.

I use a couple of knives all the time my chefs knife a 15 cm Judge Chef’s Knife and a Victorinox Serrated Edge Green Tomato Utility Knife. I use the Victorinox for soft veg and fruit prep for everything else I use the Judge. I have always been a fan of Sabatier, goes back to having them in the house as a child from my dad as a butcher. I guess kind of stuck. My girlfriend is the same, she trained at college with a Victorinox Cooks Knife and she always uses one to this day. I got here this Pink One as a present the other year. Anyway’s I like the Judge as it is only 6 inches but the base of the blade is the same as most 8 inch knives. It has a good weight, sharpens up nice and won’t let you down. Also, It is less than £20 so I got 2! One for work and a spare for home. If I lose my work one I just take in my home one. Also When I cook at home I’m using my knife and it feels more natural.

Sanelli Premana Professional Line, 26cm Pastry Knife

Why were all these chefs using this knife more than their straight edge cooks knives? So I looked online for a nice pastry knife. I didn’t want the Victorinox as it would get lost or stolen I always get a blade that looks different to the other chefs, just easier to find your tools, hence why the green tomato knife. So I found this Italian Blade on Amazon, It was £24 but £10 postage from Italy. So I’m also a cheapskate! I hate paying postage. As it was for work I bit the bullet. 2 weeks Later it arrived. It looks nice, feels good and makes short work of aubergines, this might not seem impressive but you need to prep 80kg of eggplant you appreciate it. I would recommend this knife, but also the Victorinox, whatever happens, you need to have one of these Pastry knives in your kit.

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