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June Model Maker

More Military Miniatures this month! Not a lot of shopping, I picked up this beast below. I have seen quite a few people making these larger builds and they look so cool. This I found on auction and managed to acquire it for £41. This should keep this model maker going for the rest of the Summer.

  1. Meng Models Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 BUY IT HERE
  2. Trumpeter Russian ZiL-131V towed PR-11 SA-2 Guideline BUY IT HERE
  3. Academy Boeing AH-64A Apache BUY IT HERE
Russian ZII-131V towed PR-11 SA-2 Guideline Scale Model By Trumpeter
Russian ZII-131V towed PR-11 SA-2 Guideline – One Big Model To Keep Me Busy.

I needed a pot of XF2 Tamiya White Paint, of course when you start browsing you can never leave with just one thing, so I also picked up a few weathering products that were on sale. Check Wayland games CLICK HERE for some great discounted stuff. Finally, I ordered some water slide decals.

Some New Tamiya Paints And Washes And Decals.
Some New Tamiya Paints And Washes And Decals.

Not quite in the Model Tanks category as it is technically a self-propelled gun. I couldn’t help myself with this one, I just love this vehicle and checking out a review of it on YouTube I just had to pick one up a.s.a.p It is Jagdpanther SD.KFZ 173 Tank Killer made by Meng Models. This is the first Meng kit I will build. It has some Photo Etch and a metal gun barrel. There are a ton of parts and looks like it will be a fun build. Fingers crossed.

Meng 135th Scale Jagdpanther Box Art
Meng 135th Scale Jagdpanther Sd.KFZ.173

Finally having finished the Apache Longbow CLICK HERE for the full post. As mentioned in that post there were quite a full aspect that I was not happy with. So the best way to learn is to do it again and do it right! And the fact that the model only costs £15! So here is another Academy Apache AH-64A.

Academy Apache Scale Model
Scale Model Apache Helicopter

All in all, these should keep this scale hobbyist going for another month or so.

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