January 2019 – She Said Yes

planning for a wedding in summer 2021

She Said Yes!

Another fun packed month. So first things first, the girlfriend is no longer the girlfriend. She is now the fiance! Only God knows the real cost of that change. Only time will tell. To be fair the wedding planning should keep her out of trouble for a while. Let’s see what happens.

Star Trek Discovery Season One Binge Watching
A Star Trek Show My Girlfriend Happily Binge Watched.

We have managed to clear some of our tv backlogs. Finished Flash—Arrow Jessica Jones Season 2 Punisher Season 1, Star Trek Discovery Season 1.Very Happy with that, I might try and squeeze in a couple’s of shows before summer when my tv watching drops off. As well as that I have been watching Jericho, and Star Trek The Next Generation (On a side note, I have was talking to a guy the other day. He said, “You know, watching that show is like a warm hug”. And to be fair I can’t argue with that. You know what you are getting and you know you will leave happy.

Brand New Wrestling Promotion AEW Featuring Cody Rhodes And The Young Bucks.
Looking Forward To The Brand New Wrestling Promotion All Elite AEW Fronted By Cody Rhodes And The Young Bucks.

I have also been trying to keep up with the wrestling, no chance with RoH and TNA but watched a couple of WWE weeklies and caught the royal road know the other night. Glad Becky Won, loving her character development at the moment. So they commissioned a poster to recreate the classic 1991 poster. The first thing I thought was that there is no star power there. I’m glad that Seth Rollins won, whoever he fights at WrestleMania it will b a good fight. Also, I noticed how much female action there was and how good it currently is. I here a lot of girls coming up from NXT and the roster has a lot of depth with characters. Also can’t wait for AEW to start. Watched All In, earlier in the year it looks good for the future. And as the son Of Dusty Rhodes, he should be able to book. The one thing I did take away for that show is, just how good is “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. He fought Stephen Amell from Arrow. Daniels is so good he could work with a broom and still have a good match.

I have had a couple of jobs to do around the house first one was a leaking valve on the bathroom radiator. I gave it a little tightening on a Sunday afternoon. I left a bowl underneath just to make sure. Upon coming. So long back to the bathroom at 8.30 and the bowl is filling up. So another tighten. This time not a good idea and it sprung a leak. So now at 8.45 at night I’m slowly flooding the bathroom. So wiggled it around to leave it with a small drip. Yelled at Sam to come and have a quick shower I did the same and then drained the central heating. So with a little look on the web, I found out that I would basically need to replace the valve. So I decided to use a thermostatic valve, I had to get a set of Allen keys as I needed a larger sized one to remove the old valve.  Also had to trim the old pipe and add a new piece, PTFE tape on all the joints. All together about a 20 min job then just refill the system and bleed the radiators.

Fitted A Treble Spotlight Fitting In The Man Cave To Give Some More Light
Changed Over The Light Fitting In The Man Cave To A Treble Spotlight.

Another little job I wanted to take care of. I changed the light in the “Man Cave”, I had an old single bulb and changed it over to a strip of three mini spotlights. I have fitted white light LED’s, so that should give me more light and brighter light when I am making and painting Scale Models. Also with them being LED they should save a bit on the electricity.

On the subject of scale models, I am currently working on the model Apache Longbow. It’s is taking a wee bit of time as the fit on some of the parts isn’t perfect, I should have it pretty much finished in about a week. I also picked up a couple of Warhammer Models, they should be pretty fun to make and paint, hopefully, I can get around to them in February.

Also had a friend come down and stay over, we watched a load of super hero movies drank and ate too much. Had a lovely day out in Rochester and nicr little drive around. All finished off with a delicious Pub roast dinner.

Double Roast Dinners After A Day Out In Rochester
One Roast Dinner For £8.50 Or Two For £11.50. What Would You Do!
Two Delicious Roast Turkey Dinners Finished
Two Roast Dinners Finished In 20 Minuets. Still Got It.

Got a new car. This was one that came out of the blue. Someone had clipped the girlfriend on the way home from work. We got in touch with the insurance company and in the end, they wrote the car off. The fact that the nominated garage wanted over £1600 to repair a dent and some scratches on the paintwork. Found this little Citroen C1 online. Great mpg and no road tax. It is a downgrade from the old car but now we are saving for a Wedding!

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