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Local Branch Of Games Workshop In Canterbury Kent

Having just finished the King Tiger Tank and having learnt some new techniques. I thought what would be more fun than putting the Scale Model Weathering Techniques into use on some Games Workshop Tanks.

Games Workshop Astra Militarum Leman Russ Tank
Games Workshop Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Leman Russ Battle Tank

So I have picked up a Space Marine Predator and an Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum Leman Russ Battle Tank and on the side, I got a spur of Space Maries.

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Predator Tank From Games Workshop To Try Out Some New Painting Techniques On
Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Space Marine Predator Tank

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Space Marine 3 Pack Warhammer 40K From Wayland Games
3 Pack Of Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Space Marines

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I did pick up an army box of the Imperial Guards about a decade ago just to have a little paint. The thing I love about minis is there are no set rules to follow your only limitation is your imagination.

I have been painting Games workshop figures since the 90’s A friend got me onto them. I didn’t play the game I think I have played 40k no more than half a dozen times. I just thought the figures were really cool. Also, it was a fun challenge trying to paint the intricate details on such a small scale.

So this time around I will be painting them with an airbrush, so see if we can get any cool effects going. I want to go for a grey colour scheme on the tanks with a little bit of yellow and blue to add some life. The idea is they are stationed on a cold, almost ice planet. Almost barren, grey rocks and lots of rain and damp. So I want to add a lot of rust and some salt stains on the bodywork. Then for the Space Marines, I want to go with a green olive armour, heavily faded with white and yellow trims.

This should be a very fun little build I am going to make a few videos of it and hopefully have a few nice looking models at the end of it all.

And if these turn out to be as fun as they look there are a couple of other pieces from the games workshop that I wouldn’t mind picking up.

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