Building A Brick BBQ – Part One

Building A Brick BBQ – Part One

So the next project is to build a brick Barbecue. I actually wanted to start on this project about a year ago. I ended up buying 400 bricks off a guy on eBay for £40. It turns out he had had the same idea only his misses had got pissed off with the bricks sitting in their garden. Well, his loss is my gain.

As I like a little bit of pressure I decided to start the project two weeks before our annual BBQ. So with the clock ticking down it was time to get started.

Digging Out For The BBQ Foundations
Digging Out The Foundations For The Barbecue.

First off I had to dig out some foundations.

Most Of The Base Area Has Been Dug
Got Quite A Bit Dugout For The Barbecue Base. This was probably the most taxing job of the whole build.
Concrete Fence Post Holder Removed
Removed The Old Concrete Fence Post Supports.

So there were two concrete fence posts holders that needed to be removed. Once these are out I can fit in some new metal fence post holders.

The Base Has Been Dug Out Of The BBQ
Completely Dug Out The The Foundation For The Barbecue.

Now The foundations have been dug out I framed it with some old floorboards So that I can pour in some concrete.

Filled The Dug Out BBQ Area With Rubble Before Pouring In The Concrete
Laid Some Hardcore /Broken Rubble In The Pit Before Pouring The Concrete.

Laid in some hardcore rubble in the base before I pour the concrete to make the foundation.

Fitted The New Metal Fence Post Spikes.
The New Metal Fence Post Spikes Fitted Before The Concrete In Poured.

Fitted in the two new metal fence post spikes as I want to have a fence panel behind the barbecue.

Smoothed Over The New Concrete Barbecue Base
The Concrete Base Poured And Smoothed Over.

So I have poured in some concrete a mix of and then skimmed over the top with a cement and sand mix to finish with a flat surface to build on.

Some Of The Parts To Be Used For The BBQ
These Are The Bits And Pieces I Will Be Using For The BBQ.

So these are some of the parts I will be using to build the barbecue. The beer keg and the pallets I managed to acquire from the loading bay at work. I will be using the Grills from some old barbecues.

So with The Sam being Vegan, I wanted to have two grills, one for meat and one for vegetarian/vegan food. Hence why there is such a big base. I also want to have a couple of worktops. The middle section I havent decided yet. Either another small grill or another worktop. I guess only time will tell.

Setting Out The BBQ Positioning
Measuring Out The BBQ Placement.

So I have laid out some bricks with the grills and tables to see how the barbecue is going to come together.

First Rows Of Bricks Laid For The Barbecue
First Rows Of Bricks Going Down.

Now that I have framed the BBQ it is time to start laying bricks.

The First Few Row Of Bricks For The New BBQ
A Few Rows Of Bricks Going Down, Starting To Look Good.

The first couple of row of bricks have gone down, now it is starting to take shape.

A Good Portion Of The BBQ Is Done.

A few rows down now. I’m making good progress doing a couple of hours work each night when I get home from work.

The BBQ Is Taking Shape
The Barbecue Is Taking Shape, It Looks Pretty Big.

Four rows of bricks laid and the barbecue is starting to look quite large. With a week to go until the party we are going camping for the bank holiday weekend so time to stop work and have a few days of rest. This pile of bricks will still be here when I come back next week.

Another Evenings Work And Another Row Of Bricks
Another Row Of Bricks In The BBQ.

Six rows of bricks, I would say about halfway there. Now time to start on the beer keg.

Measured And Taped The Keg For Cutting
Beer Keg Taped And Ready For Cutting.

So I have measured down the centre of the barrel and applied some masking tape to stop some of the sparks when I start cutting with the angle grinder.

Two Halves Of The Beer Keg After Cutting
The Beer Keg Now Cut In Two.

The beer keg has been cut in half, these will be the charcoal holders. This ate through at least 8 cutting disks but it was well worth it.

Fitting The Bricks To Hold The Kegs And Grills
Starting To Get Complicated Now.

Now putting in some bricks sideway to support the beer kegs.

For An Amateur Pretty Happy With The Level
It’s Looking Pretty Good For An Amateur.

Everything is looking pretty level. I’m happy so far. Now to finish it off.

Having A Quick Break Before Finishing The Brick BBQ.
A Quick Break And Then Finish Off The Last Of The Bricks. Only A Couple Of Days To The Party.

Taking a little break for a ham roll and a cigarette, and then it’s time to lay the rest of the bricks. With only two days until the party, I am really cutting it fine with this one.

Last Of The Mortar For Building The BBQ
Last Batch Of Muck For This Season!

Just wheelbarrow of muck for the year! This should be enough for the rest of the bricks.

BBQ Finished For This Year
Nothing More Can Be Done Now, Just Have To Wait For The Mortar To Set.

So I have actually run out of bricks, there is enough done to have a useable BBQ for the party. Now let the mortar set and we can start grilling.

Fitted The Grills And Wooden Worktop
The BBQ With Grills And Kegs Fitted.

Now the kegs and grills have been fitted Also slotted in one of the worktops.

Barbecue Ready To Use For The Party.
Grills On The BBQ And Beer Kegs Fitted.
BBQ Ready For The Party
The BBQ, Not Completely Finished But Good To Go.
2019 BBQ Finished.
That The Barbecue Finished For This Year At Least.

So that’s the work finished for this year. Next year I will finish the brickwork. Do all cleaning of the bricks and pointing. Fit all the worktops. Make it look nice and maybe add a couple of doors. So finally just a couple of pictures of The BBQ in use.

Using The BBQ For The First Time.
Cooking On The BBQ or The Summer Party.
Using The BBQ For Some Mushrooms And Halloumi
The Veggie Side Of The Grill Getting A Test Run.
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