Blu Ray Problems

Blu Ray Problems

This weeks problem is the Blu Ray player. It is a Samsung 3d player. I have a Samsung Smart TV and a Yamaha Receiver.

So I had the Blu Ray connected and we were watching the Last Jedi. Both fell asleep on the sofa. So the next day the player won’t boot up on screen. However, when I connect it straight to the HDMI in the back of the tv there are no problems works fine. Doing a bit of reading it appears to be a problem with the HDMI handshake. Looking again with it plugged into the receiver the load screen boots and then just a blank screen.

So the steps I have tried.

Different leads.

Different HDMI cables.

Resetting each piece of equipment (Blu-Ray, Receiver, and TV) to factory settings.

End result. Still not working going through the Receiver.

No clue what to do now. The only way I can get it working at the moment is to run an HDMI from the Blu-Ray to the TV and then an Optical lead from the TV to the Receiver.

Optical Cables
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So I got myself an Optical Cable from HERE

HDMI Cables
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And an HDMI Cable HERE

Not the ideal solution but the Blu Ray now works on the TV and I have the sound coming from my surround sound amp.

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