November Helluva Lot Of Stuff Going On

This has been quite a busy and fun packed month.

I have had a couple of weeks of work so have been able to finish decorating the living room and hall. There will be some quite meaty posts coming about that.

A little bit on the tech side got myself a new netbook, I will stick a little post up about that as I’m very happy with it so far. Also did some work on my girlfriends desktop pc, basically the thing was so sluggish. So a new SSD hard drive double the ram and a clean install on Ubuntu Linux. You can check out the post HERE.

WWE Survivor Series (2018)
WWE Survivor Series Traditional 5 on 5 elimination match. Team Raw vs Team Smackdown.

I reconnected with a few things that I love! The first being wrestling, I usually lose touch with it through the summer. Too many BBQ’s and not enough time. Generally, by Survivor Series I slip back into the fold. I have to say it didn’t disappoint. The elimination matches are not as good as they were in the late 80’s but Daniel Bryant and Charlotte Flair really took my concentration. Even caught a bit of Wargames, Love me some Adam Cole.

Academy king tiger 1/35
The Sd.Kfz.182 Königstiger Academy king tiger 1/35 is a highly detailed model of the huge German Battle Tank

One of the other things I reconnected with was making models. Something I have done a lot of my life and something I fall in and out of every now and then. Started making a model car last Christmas and the half-finished Nissan has been sat on my desk all year. So putting that to one side. I picked up a howitzer and cracked on. Happy with how it has gone so far and HERE is a longer post on it. Next, I have dug into a king tiger. I saw this on sale a couple of years ago for only £17 so picked up 2 of them. I tell you what though, I’m really starting to notice some of those smaller parts now thank God for my giant magnifying glass. This one’s an ongoing project and I will stick a couple of pictures up when I have finished. At the moment looking at colour schemes and I am really leaning towards a weathered winter look.  

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
Lara and a stunningly lifelike world. Endure high-octane combat, customize weapons and gear, and overcome grueling environments to survive Lara’s first

Third Item for the month. Video games, with a busy Summer and decorating every other free second has meant I have neglected the Xbox. Still been downloading games from my live account and just waiting for some free time. So I have that new Tomb Raider game, it came out a year or so ago.  I did enjoy the earlier Tomb Raider game and this lived up to all expectations. Loosely followed some of the new films but it was a very immersive experience. Gave me a few nights fun and some great graphics and the open world aspect was pretty cool.

Happy 40
A Very Happy Birthday To My Girl Buddy.
Cubana's, Rustic Charms
Cubana An Awesome Atmospheric Latin Bar Great To Celebrate A Birthday.
Cubana Waterloo
Cubana Waterloo Leaving After a day celebrating a 40th Birthday.
Cubana Waterloo Decor
Cubana Waterloo Latin Themed Cocktail Bar & Grill
Relaxing Cuban Style @Cubana
Cubana Waterloo
Before & After Birthday Cake
Having Dropped The Cake On The Way To The Station, At Least There Was Photographic Evidence Of How It Started.
I’m Beginning To Think This Little Guy Is Following Me.

So as well as all that we managed to squeeze in a couple of trips out. First down to London for a close friend’s 40th Birthday. There was about 20 of us and our friend found a gorgeous little Cuban Restaurant right by Waterloo station. Great atmosphere, awesome little building and decor and they put on a great buffet for the event. After that on to Adventure Cocktail Bar in Clapham Junction, now I used to practically live in the Clapham High Street Branch so getting there just in time for Happy Hour, it was time to line up the Long Island Ice Tea’s and party the night away. To finish off a perfect day a Bacon and Cheese Whopper on the way home!

Cubana Latin Cocktail Bars

London’s Adventure Bar

Fireworks Gillingham 2018 Bonfire Night
Fireworks Gillingham 2018 Bonfire Night
Fireworks Gillingham 2018
Fireworks Gillingham 2018

Staying local we went to see the fireworks display put on by the council, good to see your council tax money being spent, as they certainly are not spending it on collecting my rubbish. Onwards toward Christmas and we popped out into town for the switching on of the Christmas lights in the local town center. A decent size crowd and a little Heart FM stage with some local kids singing and dancing. To be honest a nice little community gathering, it’s kind of what I enjoy about being out of London.

Heart Fm Truck Christmas Lights
Heart Fm Truck Christmas Lights switch on 2018, family treat.
Christmas Lights Gillingham 2018
Christmas Lights Gillingham 2018 Light Switching On Ceremony.

Car Vectors In Photoshop

So I got playing around with photoshop.

To be fair it is a huge program and I’m only just beginning, So my first project was to do some vector style cars..Went with the classics of a Mini Cooper and a Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle Vector Graphic
Mini Copper
Mini Copper Vector Graphic

I’m very happy with the results and want to explore some more now, I will upload my new project to HERE.

Volkswagen Beetle at The Beach
Vector style Volkswagen Beetle at The Beach
Mini Copper In Town
Vector style Mini Copper In Town

I have included the images below and the PSD file for you to use.

Volkswagen Beetle PNG
Volkswagen Beetle vector style image
Mini Copper
Mini Copper vector style image
Mini Copper Original Image
Mini Copper Original Image
Volkswagen Beetle Original Image
Volkswagen Beetle Original Image

Volkswagen Beetle Vector PSD

Mini Copper Vector PSD

Blu Ray Problems

This weeks problem is the Blu Ray player. It is a Samsung 3d player. I have a Samsung Smart TV and a Yamaha Receiver.

So I had the Blu Ray connected and we were watching the Last Jedi. Both fell asleep on the sofa. So the next day the player won’t boot up on screen. However, when I connect it straight to the HDMI in the back of the tv there are no problems works fine. Doing a bit of reading it appears to be a problem with the HDMI handshake. Looking again with it plugged into the receiver the load screen boots and then just a blank screen.

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Sams Computer Dell OptiPlex 780 Upgrade And Linux Install

Quick little weekend project.

I got Sam a refurbished Dell OptiPlex 780 computer a couple of years ago to go in her room. Just needed something basic as she mostly just uses the internet. It has 120gb hard drive and 2gb of ram. Paid less than £100.

Problem is it takes an age to boot and just isn’t that responsive.

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Iceland Mixed Grill

So I got dragged around Dunelm on the weekend. Mostly my girlfriends’ fault, I had given her many opportunities to buy a new pair of curtains for the living room but she wanted “My Opinion”. So I gave it to her, this left us in some sort of stalemate and one hour in the fabric section. As you can imagine after this debacle I was looking for anything to clear my head The next shop we came across was an Iceland Warehouse. Now I haven’t been to an Iceland in years but Peter Andre can’t be wrong!

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Refurbishing The Loft Room

The Neverending loft refurb. after nearly 8 months and several near nervous breakdowns, the loft is just about complete.

A couple of things still need doing; skirting fitted once the carpet has settled, staircase painted, a new door attached to the storage cupboard and a couple of pieces of trim and filling.

But as Sam is about to start moving things into the room this will be the last chance to get some photos while the room is still empty.

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