Living Room Floor

So after lifting the laminate floor from the room, we knew that we wanted a wooden floor and the idea was to sand down the floorboards and varnish. Once we had a look at the boards I could see straight away a lot of paint stains, splits and the fireplace hearth. Bit of research into how much boards would cost and what boards to use, this lead me to Scandinavian Larch.

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M198 Medium Towed Howitzer Late 1/35th By Trumpeter Step By Step Full Build

This is one I have had sitting around for a few years. Quite an interesting looking model, a lot of parts, rubber wheels and a small sheet of photo-etch. Think I paid about £13 on sale. A lot of little pieces on this one took quite a bit of patience.

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Academy King Tiger Last Production Winter Camo

So a few years ago I picked up a couple of these King Tiger models for an absolute song. So I haven’t taken any pictures of the build as I didn’t know I would be blogging when I started it, but now it’s finished there are a few below. I did enjoy this build. A lot of complex parts, individual tracks which were a new thing for me. To be honest it is a very nice looking tank. I have gone for a distressed winter camo look with this one. The first time I really used an airbrush, I started to learn about the effects of air pressure and paint thinning. Also played around with some weathering. Only had to deal with a couple of pieces of photo-etch, which were grills for the engine. In the end, I went for a winter finish. Here are the results, let me know what you think.

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