April 2019 – Blowing Up eBay And Being Fat

visiting Folkstone our local seaside town

So this month I have been as sick as a dog. Battling a cold for all of. I picked up this cold and it was killing me at work. I knew I just had to get to the end of the week and I had a weeks leave. So got to my week off and I was dead. Normally if I get a cold it lasts maybe 24 hours, this thing was going on for 2+ weeks and my throat was killing me, like seriously I was dropping ibuprofen and paracetamol to the max dosage and was still fucked up.

So I said to The Sam if I’m still like this on Tuesday I will go to the doctors, (which as a man you know is a big no-no). So Tuesday came and I’m still messed up. Go to the doctor and she examines me and says “Sir you have a cold” then proceeds to draw me a diagram of how a cold work. This is the point that I’d wished the earth would swallow me up. So, I go home, wake up the next morning and feel fine… And also like a complete pussy. So went out for the day and the next day got on with plastering the bedroom. Next day I wake up and have a cold again!! Fucking perfect. So I’m practically dead, get into bed that night, laying on my back and The Sam pokes my stomach feels my biceps and says “Are you going to the gym tomorrow” Are you fucking kidding me! Jesus woman you are lucky you can’t catch man flu.. If there was a priest here he would be giving me my last rites and you are giving some snide comment about being fat. Mother Fu@@@er.

plastering the front bedroom and repairing the lower walls
Making Good The Bedroom Walls. Plastering, Probably My Least Favourite DIY Task.

Cutting – Something Has To Go

To be fair I normally cut a lot earlier in the year and by the time of my first sunburn I have a decent body. But with a hectic time and work and trying to get this blog off the ground I have neglected the gym. Also, my weakness for Haribo has not helped the cause. So time to cut. The only option is the carbs need to go. They are out, I’m back on the nutri bullet for breakfast and then heavy protein and veggies, followed by beasting it at the gym. Normally I’m hard on the gym from January but I have never been this out of shape this close to summer so let us see what we can do????

There Is Always Cooking

So it is that time of year again at work where we change over the menu for the client. Coming into the Spring Summer Rotation. This means pulling around  15 dishes from the pool of around 120 and preparing them for a client tasting session. It is a killer of a job and the whole kitchen pretty much gets involved to smash it out. Here is their tasting menu we did this season. Not too bad for a lunch menu if I say so myself.

Spring Summer Lunch Tasting Menu
Here Is The Original Tasting Menu (Kitchen Copy) With Notes. Click To View Full Size.
Spring Summer Lunch Tasting Menu Part Two
Not Being Funny, I Would Eat There??!?!

eBay Is A Hell Of A Way To Spend Money

So I have been buying new models for a while so thought I would give buying them on auction a try and see if I could say a bit of money. I haven’t made out too badly. Picked up a nice little stash and have saved a fair bit of money than buying new. One I picked up brand new, still wrapped and saved over £20 on what it is selling new. The only problem with eBay is it is pretty addictive, and you can quite easily run up a bit of a tab. More Of That HERE. One Thing to note, when buying reference books online, check the dimensions.

a very small book on tanks
When Ordering Online It Is Always Best To Check The Measurements Before Clicking The Buy It Now Button!

Days Out In Kent – Folkstone

Starting to explore the local area and a good chance to try out the new camera. Luckily we both had the week off before Easter and we tripped off down to the seaside for the day. About an hours drive down to Folkstone in Kent. We went down on the day before Good Friday to beat the crowds, we got down there about 11 in the morning parked up near the seafront and went for a stroll.

breakwater in folkstone kent
Cool Little Breakwater That Looks Like A Whale Tail
Handmade Poppies on the railings in folkstone kent
A Lovely Reminder Of The People Who Gave Their All For Us.
War memorial in folkstone kent
A Memorial Near The Sea Front In Folkstone Kent.
The Sea Front At Folkstone In Kent
Maybe A Light House, Maybe Not!
Old Brightly Painted Beach huts in Folkstone
Beautiful Old Beach Huts On The Sea Front In Folkstone Kent

We walked all the way along the beach and then picked up a portion of chips and sat on a bench looking out to sea. Which is probably the most British thing you can do. Strolling back up to the car we found a lovely little bar and stopped off for a drink.

Photos of the Skuba Bar Folkstone Kent
Cool Little Bar Near The Sea In Folkstone, A Great Place To Chill For A Beer After A Stroll Around The Sea Front.

Next onto the creative quarter where The Sam found a little Vegan coffee shop where we stopped for some Carrot Cake & Kentish Perry.

Beano's Cafe In Folkstone Vegan Carrot Cake And Kentish Perry
Beano’s Cafe In Folkstone A Pretty Darn Good Vegan Carrot Cake.

From there we looked around the cute little shops until they closed for the evening. Then after a hard days walking we nipped in for a cheeky half!

Some Of the buildings in the creative area of folkstone are beautifully decorated
If You Are Going To Decorate Your Building – Make It Awesome!
vintage airstream caravan
Such A Cool Old Skool Airstream Caravan
A great selection of local Kent beers and ciders
A Gorgeous Display Of Local Beer, Picked Up A Couple For Fathers Day
Street Art In Folkstone
One Way To Get People In To Your Shop! Show Them The Way.
QR codes give you information around the creative quarter in folkstone ket
Around The Creative Quarter In Folkstone Kent There Are Lot Of QR Codes That Let You Find Out Information About The Shops, The People And The Area.
Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens
Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens – Seems Legit
Cool Street Art In Flokstone Kent
Even More Awesome Street Art In The Creative Quarter In Folkstone.
Some Of The Street Art In Folkstone Kent
Some Of The Street Art In The Creative Quarter Folkstone Kent
The Cake Junction In Folkstone
The Cake Junction In Folkstone
fancy wedding cakes @ The Cake Junction In Folkstone
Custom Made Wedding Cakes At The Cool Bakery Cake Junction.
great selection of cask ales, i went for Emotional Blackmail!
First Time I Have Ever Asked For Emotional Blackmail!

To end the day a lovely handmade pizza with ham olives and mushroom and of course a Vegan version for The Sam.

handmade ham olive and mushroom pizza and a vegan pizza for the sam
Ham, Mushroom And Olive Hand Made Pizza.

A slow drive home and then to finish the night off we pulled out the deck and picked a little UK Garage!

mixing garage records
Might not be 1210’s but still!
mixing vinyl records old school.
The Sam Having A Little Mix On The Easter Weekend.


So my boy did it, I have to be honest I was exhausted after that match. Probably the best match of Wrestlemania, that being said I had a lot invested into that storyline and it was a real rollercoaster ride and such a well put together match. In general, though is Wrestlemania getting too long? With the pre-show is it like 6-7 hours now? Good to see Hogan at the start. The Seth-Brock Title change was a great way to start the event, but by the time the girls get their thing on to finish the night I was really burnt out. Oh, and I’m probably one of the only people who were happy that the Iiconics won the belts. I just love Peyton on the mic, you will never be as good as Hell Alexa Bliss, but I really enjoy her.

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